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Why Bridlington’s sea air will literally “do you good”

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It’s a long-held view that breathing in fresh air at the coast is beneficial for health. But did you know that this has a scientific basis?

This means Bridlington holidays could be just what the doctor ordered! And quite literally in parts of the UK, where GPs are “prescribing” nature walks in a groundbreaking health initiative.

NHS Shetland and RSPB Scotland have launched a pioneering project to encourage patients to tackle health issues such as anxiety and high blood pressure by going out and about and enjoying nature’s rich bounty.

Of course, this is based on centuries-old wisdom about the value of coastal areas. Doctors have been encouraging people to take trips to the seaside – including visiting “bathing hospitals” — since as far back at the 18th century.

Modern studies on coast benefits

If you ever thought this was based on “old wives tales”, then think again.

There is clear evidence that living near the sea brings improved health, not least as proximity to the coast is a major incentive to be more active.

But some of the health benefits of being near the sea, including Bridlington’s lovely North and South beaches, are not dependent on saltwater bathing. Instead, other research has shown that it’s the smells of the sea that help us to unwind and “reboot”, particularly if we normally lead busy and stressful lives.

This too has a scientific basis. There is a view that negative ions (oxygen ions with an extra electron attached) contained in sea mist and spray can significantly regulate your brain activity!

Feel good factor

Setting science aside though, there is no doubt the coast can be relaxing, with its calming sounds and unchanging landscape. It is also a great way to relive the joyous “bucket and spade” holidays from our own childhood.

So, if you opt for a 2019 break at Holiday Cottages in Bridlington, you could be getting valuable health benefits beyond rest and relaxation!

Do your health and wellbeing a favour, and use Bridlington Holiday Cottages as a place to stay, while you take in some glorious sea air!

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