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Why Bridlington is the perfect family holiday destination

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Kids love a good adventure and Bridlington is the perfect holiday destination for fun and memorable trips. There are many activities available for children that parents will also enjoy which means there’ll be lots of family quality time. Here are some of the best family-friendly places to visit in Bridlington:

Bridlington Birds of Prey & Animal Park

All the animals at the park have been rescued, so by visiting you not only have a wonderful day out but also contribute to helping rescued animals. There are several fun activities throughout the day available for kids, one of which is getting to hold some of the small animals.

Bird watching at RSPB Bempton Cliffs

Not only is RSPB Bempton Cliffs a breathtaking place to visit, but it is full of wildlife. In fact, hundreds of thousands of birds flock to this area during the spring and summer months. Doing a little research on the species that you can find there makes it even more interesting for kids as they try to spot each species they read about.

Exploring Bondville Model Village

This animated miniature village will fascinate kids and adults alike. Kids get to take a quiz that will have them searching for the answers throughout their tour making it even more exciting, though parents may find it hard to refrain from finding and revealing the answers first.

A tour of Flamborough lighthouse

Built in 1674, it is one of the oldest surviving lighthouses in England, which makes it an archaeological monument in itself. Although the lighthouse was never lit, it is commonly used as a landmark by vessels. Tours of the lighthouse can be arranged through the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

A stroll through South Landing Local Nature Reserve

This nature reserve offers easy-to-walk paths which are great for families with children. Here your family can enjoy wildlife, fresh air and breathtaking views, all much needed in today’s world of technology.

A picnic on the beach

Bridlington has beautiful beaches. And what child doesn’t like to go to the beach? Here’s a list of some of the best beaches at Bridlington:

– Bridlington South Beach
– North Landing Beach
– Fraisthorpe Beach
– Bridlington North Beach
– Thornwick Bay

For more tips for a memorable holiday, feel free to ask us at Bridlington Holiday Cottages!

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