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The benefits of a Bridlington holiday cottage

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The annual holiday is something to be treasured. It is where our memories are made and often, generations of families will return to the same place they enjoyed as a child. That is why it is so important not only to get the destination right but the accommodation too. Here’s a few reasons to consider holiday cottages in Bridlington.

More spare cash for ice cream

A holiday cottage is far more cost effective than a hotel, especially if you have a family in tow. Hotels do not come cheap whilst cottages offer exceptional value for the space and quality. Having the opportunity to prepare your own meals will definitely give you more spare cash for those lovely ice creams as you explore the delights of Bridlington.

Your own space to relax

Ever tried to survive in a hotel room for a week with two kids, suitcases, miscellaneous teddies and toys? It is compact. Bridlington cottages give you the space to breathe and relax. There’s a living area in addition to the bedrooms offering you ample room. You can spread out and once the kids are tucked up in bed, you can curl up on the sofa and chill.

No schedule equals freedom

Each day of your holiday, you are in charge of the timetable. There’s no need to worry about hotel cleaning services disturbing your lie in or seeing your bed hair. Breakfast is served at a time to suit you and you are in charge of the menu. This is the same for all meal times.

Bridlington Holiday Cottages will happily offer suggestions on things to see in this wonderful part of the country. However, if you want to just enjoy your outdoor space, you can. Plus one pet is welcome too. With holiday cottages, you are the boss and the maker of remarkable memories.

Perfect for a family gathering

Hoping to reunite lots of different generations? Bridlington Holiday Cottages are a great idea! Larger families can book several, including one with the luxury of a hot tub – perfect for the family reunion.

Holiday cottages offer freedom and space. Once you have tried the cottage experience it is hard to think of any better way to have a holiday!

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