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Quality “me time” for solo travellers in the Bridlington area

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Where can you go in the UK as a solo traveller, and enjoy a warm welcome and safe exploration and adventures? Well, Bridlington and the Yorkshire coast for certain!

Increasingly, people who are single – or who value “me time” – are going away for weekend breaks or are taking vacations solo. In fact, according to travel body ABTA, in the previous 12 months, one in nine holidaymakers surveyed said they had holidayed on their own. This was double the total for six years ago!


Why solo holidays in Bridlington are easy

Single person excursions are nowhere near as daunting as they were once thought to be. For one thing, you no longer need a companion to help you read maps! With Google maps on your phone, navigating around is child’s play. Plus, in the busy and pressurised world of today, who doesn’t crave some breathing space and quality alone time!

All jokes aside, when considering single holidays and breaks, it’s important to choose a location that offers the best experiences and security. If you are British, staying on home soil and booking a break in Bridlington holiday cottages ticks all the right boxes. And not just because you don’t have a language barrier to overcome on your own.

Warm welcome for solo travellers

Bridlington holidays put you up close to some of the UK’s most incredible scenery and walks.

This includes many options for glorious solitude that solo travellers can explore in safety. However, though this coastal location is quiet enough for you to find infinite places to enjoy peace, everything else you need is nearby, too. So you can also go for solo outings to busy shopping streets, arts events and eateries in Bridlington itself, and nearby Scarborough. York, with all its many splendours, is an easy day trip away.

Perhaps the best thing about exploring this gloriously unspoilt part of Britain is the warm Yorkshire welcome. This area is highly inclusive and treats visitors of all nationalities, ages and types with the same respect.

There are plenty of smaller Holiday Cottages in Bridlington too, for relaxing in solitude after chatting to the locals or taking in one of those breathtaking coastal walks!

If you’re ready to embark on a solo adventure, take a look at Bridlington Holiday Cottages for an unforgettable experience.

Photo: Bridlington by wallygrom licensed under Creative commons 5

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