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Go crabbing in Bridlington: a great day out for all the family

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Bridlington boasts one of the East Coast’s finest fishing harbours and generations of Yorkshire children have enjoyed long days happily casting a line to catch crabs.

On any sunny (or not so sunny!) day you’ll find dozens of families heading down to the harbour to pick up a line and bucket from one of the many shops around the front. Crabbing costs next to nothing and is incredibly easy. Best of all, it will keep the kids occupied for hours.

What do you need to start crabbing?

You’ll need a line or a special crabbing net, a bucket in which to put your catches and of course some bait to lure the crabs. There’s lots of shops in Bridlington which sell everything you need.

Crab nets are really simple to use. You simply place your bait inside and drop the net into the water. Crabs are attracted to the food and climb in to get a nibble. Alternatively, a line comes with a little mesh bag on the end in which you put the bait and the crab will cling on to get at the food. If you use a line, you’ll probably also need a separate net to help you catch the crab as when you pull it up the pesky things can drop off.

Experienced crabbers tend to have their favourite tried-and-tested bait. But any type of fish or meat will usually do the trick. Crabs love some rotten fish in a net bag, but you can also use chicken or bacon.

Where to go crabbing in Bridlington

Head for the marina and find yourself a spot. It often makes sense to pick a place next to others who are crabbing so at least you’ll know if they’ve had some success.

The harbour is just 3 miles or a ten minute drive from Bridlington Holiday Cottages.

Most people go crabbing off the harbour walls or the jetty steps. Remember to be careful with little ones and make sure they’re safe.

Crabbing is a wonderful way to have fun with all the family and introduce little ones to the wonders of sea life.

Photo: crabs by magnusdigity licensed under Creative commons 2

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