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Geocaching: A free way to explore Bridlington

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Geocaching is described as “the world’s largest treasure hunt”.

As you take part, you’ll search for caches (ranging in size from tiny tubes to large Tupperware containers) that might contain pocket money items or simply a piece of paper to sign. But the real treasure isn’t physical – it’s the adventure you have on the way, and the chance to bond with your family and see some sights that only locals really know about.

Caches are everywhere. You’d be surprised just how many are on your doorstep if you’ve never tried geocaching before. Bridlington is no exception.

From our holiday cottages in Bridlington, you can walk or drive to a multitude of caches that will show you sights that you’d otherwise miss. The experience won’t cost you a penny!

What might you see when geocaching on Bridlington holidays?

Geocaches are intended to direct you to hidden beauty spots, or simply the best places to visit. One existing cache route takes you through the village of Sewerby, near the Danes Dyke Nature Reserve and Bridlington Links Golf Course. You won’t be short of sights to see, including the reward of a cliff top view overlooking Bridlington’s bay at the very end of your search. Other caches will take you off-road, through the fields around Bridlington – be sure to take your wellies for those!

Why explore the quieter parts of Bridlington?

Bridlington holiday cottages are ideal for walkers and for relaxing breaks surrounded by idyllic coastlines and wide open countryside. Many guests explore the most popular locations, but you can only really appreciate the beauty of Bridlington when you’re willing to stray from the track. Those hidden gems and quieter locations are best known to people that live in the area.

Geocaches are placed and maintained by anyone involved in the hobby, with a simple rule that the person placing the cache should live nearby and be able to check on it regularly. What does this mean for someone embarking on a search? That it’s very likely they’ll see some of those lesser-known locations, often not found by tourists, as they’re guided by Bridlington locals.

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