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Five interesting facts about Bridlington

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Bridlington holidays have something for everyone: beautiful beaches, intriguing history and breath-taking nature, as well as independent shops, sporting activities and captivating entertainment. Here are five interesting facts about Bridlington that you may not already know.

Early Bridlington

Archaeological evidence shows that Bridlington was inhabited in the Bronze Age and in Roman times, but the first written evidence of Bridlington comes from the Domesday Book, which notes “Bretlinton” as being held by Earl Morcar before passing into the ownership of William the Conqueror. Bridlington was known as Berlington, Brellington and Britlington before its current name was decided.

Historic harbour

Goods have been exported from Bridlington since mediaeval times, although the harbour took its current shape in 1848. Today, Bridlington harbour is the largest shellfish port in England. It is home to almost 100 businesses and provides employment for around 400 people.

Queen Henrietta Maria

In 1643 Henrietta Maria of France landed at Bridlington with troops and arms to support the Royalists in the English Civil War. The town was bombarded and the royal party forced to take cover in neighbouring fields. It’s said that Henrietta Maria returned under fire, to rescue her pet dog, Mitte. She later made her headquarters at York. Henrietta Maria was the wife of King Charles I and mother of Charles II and James II. She was queen consort of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

David Hockney

The distinguished painter David Hockney has a home in Bridlington. His work, ‘Woldgate Woods’, a landscape depiction of trees near Bridlington, sold for £9.4 million at an auction in New York in 2016.

The Gypsey Race

The Gypsey Race is a fast-flowing stream that runs into Bridlington harbour. Its name derives from the old English ‘Gypsia’ which means to suddenly spring into life. It has the same origin as the word ‘Gypsey,’ used to describe travellers, people that appear in springtime but are gone before winter.

Bridlington has a rich history and a thriving present. It’s a fascinating town, with numerous visitor attractions and historic houses, all bordered by the gently rolling landscape of the Yorkshire Wolds and wonderful coastal scenery.

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