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Consider a cottage for your next holiday in Bridlington

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When you plan a holiday, accommodation is among the main concerns. You also want to experience as many attractions as possible during the stay, which means your choice of destination has to be nearby. Bridlington is an ideal place for both active and more leisurely holidaymakers as it has a broad range of parks, beaches, unique shopping experiences, and wildlife among other adventures.

A holiday is the perfect time to unwind, and by choosing the right type of lodging, you will enjoy even better relaxation. There are plenty of accommodation options such as hotels, villas, and guest houses, and most holiday goers prefer hotels; you’re probably one of them. But why don’t you try something else like holiday cottages for your holiday in Bridlington?

Why choose a cottage?


Holiday cottages are self-catered, which means you have the option to do the cooking yourself. At Bridlington, the cottages are modern and well-equipped with kitchen appliances to create culinary masterpieces. But if you’re not in the mood for cooking, there are plenty of fantastic restaurants nearby serving stunning local cuisine.


Cottages offer comfortable accommodation for groups and families with children, because the separate bedrooms allow you to feel connected while still each having your own private space.

Plenty of space

A cottage has plenty of space to spread out in, which make it feel like staying at home. If yours has a garden, you can enjoy outdoor activities with your kids.

Value for money

Renting a cottage is often cheaper than a hotel room, especially for those travelling as a group. The option to do your own shopping and cook for yourself is cost-effective compared to dining at a restaurant every night. Free access to the laundry machine and other amenities also allows you to save money.


Most of the cottages come with a garden and allow you to take a pet; this way your dog has a place to sleep and won’t disturb other guests.


In a cottage, you are free to do anything that pleases you without worrying about disturbing other guests. If you like talking loudly at night or getting up late, this is the ideal place for you.

Amount of travelling

During your stay, you’ll want the driving distance to be reasonable. Just two miles from the main seaside attractions, Bridlington Holiday Cottages provide a relaxing base from which you can discover the glorious coast and countryside.

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