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4 top tips for making your Bridlington holiday cottage feel like home

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Holidays and short breaks give you every opportunity to explore new locations, appreciate different scenery and experience activities that you don’t usually do at home, but it’s important to add homely touches to your holiday cottage as soon as you arrive. Bridlington holidays are the perfect choice for couples, families and singletons, so check out our useful tips for making your Bridlington holiday cottage or apartment feel just like home for the duration of your stay:

1. Unpack all your cases and belongings as soon as you arrive

You won’t relax if you’re living out of a suitcase throughout your holiday, so take a few minutes to hang all your clothes and arrange your possessions in your temporary home.

2. Take all your home comforts along to Bridlington

If you enjoy snuggling up under a throw or blanket at home, take it along to your holiday home so you can relax in the evenings. If you’re more relaxed in PJs around the house, bring along your favourite pyjamas and chill out in your Bridlington holiday home in the same way you do at home. Children will particularly appreciate comfort items, like teddies and toys, when they’re staying in a strange place, so make sure you bring along some of their favourites.

3. Take your pets along with you

Your pets will thoroughly enjoy a holiday with you and many holiday cottages and homes allow guests to take pets.

4. Take all your favourite foods and goodies

Holidays are supposed to be as enjoyable as possible. Granted, you’ll probably be going out for a number of meals in Bridlington and elsewhere, but stocking your kitchen cupboards with a variety of essentials and favourite foods will really make your holiday cottage feel far more homely and comfortable.

Bridlington Holiday Cottages offer superb holiday homes with all the essential comforts to make your holiday as enjoyable as possible. Pets are welcome in specific cottages and our quiet location means you can appreciate all the benefits of the countryside, while enjoying an easy walk or drive into Bridlington for all the fun of the seaside. Get in touch for more details.

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